Funny Segments

Failing Love “Taco Bell”

Failing Love “Nilla Waffers”

Back At One “Patberg”

EV Digital Short “Tardy”

Coach “Homecoming”

Coach “Drama”

Coach “Track”

Coach “Chess Team”

Digital Short “Happy”

Digital Short “Rolo”

The Snack Machines Return…

Boys Vs. Girls Competition


CTD “Basketball Star”

Christmas Disco

CTD “Tender Tide”

The Politician (Dance Expert)

Only At Lunch! (The Big Day)

High Attendance Month

The Cut & Paste…

Digital Short “Letter Jackets”

The French Connection #3

Fast Burger (Order, Order, Order)

Fast Burger (Ignored)

CTD “The Comic Strip”

Sensei #2

Fast Burger (Grilled Cheese)

Fast Burger (Salad)

Fast Burger (Water?)

Sensei #1

Lenny (New Year Cold Open)

Local News 6 with Ben Carson

Holy Cow… VOTE!

Ramble Channel “The Chess Match”

Failing Love “Snap Chat”

Failing Love “Texting”

Digital Short “Snack Machines”

Digital Short “Roar”

Jessica Mashup

CTD “Wheat Roll Rag”

Digital Short “The Ramble Channel”

CTD “The Hunting Mistake”

Christmas Wishes

Digital Short “Edit You Out”

CTD “Bananas”

CTD “Thanksgiving”

The Race “Caleb vs Hall”

Digital Short “The Office Part 2”

Failing Love “Pretty?”

Failing Love “Out To Eat”

Stadium Nacho Race

Lenny “Pies BOY!”

A Softball Story…

CTD “Lenny”

Failing Love “The Quiz”

Failing Love “Something Sweet”

New Football Uniforms

Ice Bucket Challenge Montage

2014 Volleyball Team

CTD “Friday”

CTD “Exercise”

EV Digital Short “The Office”

French Connection “Episode 2”

CTD “Wheat Roll Dance”

EV Digital Short “Myspace Girl”

The Politician #1

French Connection #1

Back At One (Class)

How It’s Done 101 “Hashtags”

That EV Show “The Halloween Show”

I Will Survive (From The Halloween Special)

How It’s Done 101 “Jump On It”

CTD (Wheat Roll Rag)

How It’s Done 101

Digital Short “Homecoming Nightmare”

Cowboy Quiz

Homecoming Class Competition

Beef Jerky?

Friday The 13th…

Chips, Chips, Chips…

Back At One (Library)

CTD (Falling In Love)

Back At One (Office)

Oprah Part 2

A Little Race Part 2…

A Little Race…

Kara’s Vlog

CPE Commercial “Are You Serious?!?”

EV Digital Short “Shannon’s Dream”

Chicken Tender Day “Whatever It Takes”

Horn Lake Idol “Promo #2”

The Oprah Show

Chicken Tender Day “Mario”

EV Digital Short “Rolling Out The Snack Carts”

EV Digital Short “Hang Up First”

The Obnoxious Concierge #3

Chicken Tender Day (The Love Affair)

Simon Edwards (Geometry Study Guide)

The Obnoxious Concierge #2

The Obnoxious Concierge #1

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